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Hair Transplant in Pakistan? Read This Guide First

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Things to consider before undergoing Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hair transplant scene in Pakistan can be a good idea, especially because of its technological prowess in the field of hair transplantation . In addition , costs associated with the procedure are not so high, making it a useful designation for people from all over the world. Despite the advantages enjoyed by the visceral Pakistan , it is imperative spent some time in the planning process and the following three steps:

Hair Transplant in Pakistan
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The experience and qualifications of the surgeon
It is important to learn about the expertise and the experience of the specialist in hair transplantation . Also, make sure you know what the Institute did they get their training from . You certainly do not want to operate of a person who is not trained in this field. Finally, it is also important to choose the right type of hair transplant clinic with appropriate means.

Price involved
While you might be tempted to pay money to get your hair back, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of the procedure before giving your consent. You should talk to the expert on the nature of other non-surgical options that you could explore before choosing the surgical procedure. A little caution today could save you a lot of burns in the future.


If you decide washing with the option of surgery , make sure that you ask intelligent questions about the type of techniques that are incorporated in the procedure. For example, make sure to ask if the surgeon would help of the two-stage procedure or three - step FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) method , and why. Also, do not forget to inquire about postoperative care and also the opportunity to talk with customers, if possible. Contrary to popular belief, you will need several days of rest after surgery hair transplant because you need to save a large number of small wounds on the scalp .

FUE Hair Transplant Pakistan - perfect solution for hair loss

Hair transplant in Pakistan has become the most common alternative hair loss today scar is much less pleasant for the patient and more invasive.

Today, the treatment of hair transplantation is performed without scalpel or stitches. Hair loss is a sign of aging and can be very annoying to some people. With the help of latest techniques , one can get rid of this dilemma in a few sessions . Our hair adds to our glory and all the characters and once you go through hair loss , head towards stress and because of this, we shed more hair every day. It has been observed that hair loss can cause low self-esteem and self-confidence. Genetics, hormones, drugs and age can be some of the reasons for hair loss.

The hair transplant surgery has emerged as one of the most effective and lasting treatments. FUE Hair Transplant Pakistan as it causes less pain and hassle recognized in the donor area . It was synonymous with FUE and has much better cosmetic results compared to the old style punch graft and transplant incision. It is indeed one of the best hair transplant as the success rate is quite high .

The donor surgeon covers a large area in a single session and gives natural results of single graft. Technical advances in hair weaving made ​​it possible for everyone, especially women to go for it . The main reason behind people choosing is that it improves the hair style of an individual. These days hair transplantation has become one of the most reliable and guaranteed for treating hair loss treatments. It is a surgical procedure that requires a lot of knowledge and experience high end.

It was the most modern and scientific technique of hair restoration and is performed by extracting hair follicles individually from the back side of the head , beard or other body parts . It was hair transplant has no risk and faster recovery period . After transplantation , a patient is given medications such as mild steroid , analgesic and an anti - biotic to prevent infection .

There are several hair clinics available today offering hair transplant surgery with the latest technology at a cost of hair transplant in Pakistan affordable price. Specialists have years of experience and offer treatments with skill and ease. So if you are having hair loss problems and the desire to get help from the hair transplant surgery , then what are you waiting for ? Just go all over the web and locate reliable hair clinic according to your needs.

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Is a Vitamin B12 Overdose Possible?

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Vitamin B12 Overdose: Why an overdose of vitamin B12 is hardly possible and often even recommended in therapy.

Vitamin B12 Overdose 
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Is a Vitamin B12 Overdose Possible?Given the often high doses in many vitamin B12 supplements, some people are concerned about the consequences of vitamin B12 overdose. And for good reason: In many other vitamins, it would actually be very serious, so massively intervene in the vitamin metabolism. But can you overdose on Vitamin B12?

Fortunately not: An overdose of vitamin B12 is hardly possible because the body simply excretes unused quantities. One should, however, not entirely exaggerate because excess amounts must be excreted by the kidneys, and this is a certain improvement, but usually manageable burdens. 

Vitamin B12 Intake
The daily requirement for vitamin B12 is generally given as about 3 mcg for an adult. But already the dietary intake may be much higher: 100g veal liver with approximately 60 ug whole supply 2,000% of the daily requirement - which is quite a high oversupply solely by the food. Then one looks at modern vitamin B12 supplements , so you will find there even doses up to 5000 micrograms per dose - which would be computationally 160,000 percent of the daily requirement.

This seems at first glance gigantic, but this impression is misleading, because the amount of dietary supplements and not the actual recording. As we will see below, only small amounts of on the Nahung fed vitamin B12 can actually be absorbed by the body. That is why an overdose is particularly at a recording interference even urgently needed to ensure the supply of the body.

Recent research suggests that the limits for a vitamin B12 deficiency and the recommended daily dose may be far too low, so that the question of when an over-supply of vitamin B12 actually exists is ultimately not yet been clarified.

Vitamin B12 Overdose: Symptoms and side effects
Vitamin B12 is now explored quite well and even after decades of studies, even at extremely high doses almost no symptoms of vitamin B12 overdose reported and therefore no maximum dose of vitamin B12 was determined. Theoretically, one could therefore - apart from the aforementioned separating activities - safely perform even the largest amounts of the vitamin, without having to fear a negative effect.

Only in drug cyanocobalamin may some caution is required since this is decomposed in the body to small amounts of cyanide that not all people well tolerated. However, these amounts are so small that they are generally considered at the usual doses as irrelevant.

For intramuscular injections of high doses of vitamin B12 slight defense reactions, such as skin irritation and a special form of acne occurred in individual cases. Also, hot flashes, dizziness and nausea is reported, but the latter are usually more likely attributed to the further preservative of preparations for the B12.

Vitamin B12 and acne
In some patients, resulted in particularly high-dose vitamin B12 injections to outbreaks of acne, as has been shown in various studies. Why this effect occurs is not yet understood. However, the acne will disappear once the vitamin B12 supplements should be discontinued. I, ii, iii

It is not clear, and in what doses which cause forms of vitamin B12 that effect. Since he was already observed at doses as low as 20μg, it seems not necessarily the effect of an overdose to be.

Vitamin B12 Overdose and Pregnancy

Pregnant women do not have to worry about a vitamin B12 overdose on the current state of knowledge. Since not needed vitamin B12 is simply excreted in the urine, it does not get into the bloodstream and thus not to the fetus. On the contrary to this concern particularly pregnant women on an adequate supply should take vitamin B12 and folic acid, since a lack serious damage to the fetus may result. Pregnant women and nursing mothers, an increased need for vitamin B12 is about 4 - 6 micrograms assumed so this time should be special attention paid to vitamin B12 intake.

Vitamin B12: high doses or in small doses?

In vitamin B12 deficiency therapy has been shown that when taken orally, only vitamin B12 supplements at a dose of about 500 micrograms / day lead to significant improvements of the relevant markers. iv, v doses of 500-2000 ug / day are therefore for many years the standard in vitamin B12 deficiency therapy.

This is easy to understand if one's metabolism of vitamin B12 is remembered. Vitamin B12 is taken by means of a special molecule, the so-called intrinsic factor (IF). In a healthy metabolism by the body only about 1.5 micrograms per dose can be taken at once on the IF. A further portion of about 1% of the dose reached by addition passive diffusion into the bloodstream.

From a dose of 500 micrograms of vitamin B12 that is only a maximum of 1.5 micrograms over the IF and 5 ug be received by passive diffusion - the overdose is therefore not as high as it first seems. When the dose is selected to be lower, it can easily lead to a deficiency in a recording fault even. Let's take a preparation containing 50 micrograms: The 1.5 micrograms over the IF fall at a recording fault almost completely gone and the passive diffusion only 0.5 micrograms are absorbed here - so despite the overdose of the preparation just a fraction of the daily dose.

As most people suffer with a vitamin B12 deficiency at a reception fault - her body the fed vitamin B12 therefore can not utilize correctly - they are dependent on the small amounts that are absorbed through passive diffusion. So it is understandable that often such a high overdose of vitamin B12 is useful and necessary to achieve the desired effect.

Overdose Vitamin B complex

Taking a vitamin B complex is important to note that in vitamins B5 and B6 little more caution. In B5 vasodilation, itching, nausea, headache and allergy may occur. When program income wise it can even lead to liver damage and inflammation of the stomach lining. Vitamin B6 is safe in conventional amounts, from 2 grams but it can lead to movement and nervous disorders.

Vitamin B12 overdose to detox

There are also other cases where an extreme overdose of vitamin B12 is essential to the success of the therapy. Thus, very high doses hydroxycobalamin be used to treat poisoning with cyanide, since the vitamin binds the cyanide and ausleitet. vi

Ultra-high doses of methylcobalamin have been shown both in rats and in humans to be effective in the regeneration of nerves. Vii, viii

Vitamin B12 overdose when taken orally

For a long time were considered treatments using vitamin B12 was injected in high doses intramuscularly as particularly effective. Today, most researchers assume that an oral intake of vitamin B12 supplements with 2,000 micrograms is just as effective as a monthly injection of 1000 micrograms. Ix

Vitamin B12 supplements such as tablets, capsules, or drops so can be just as effective considered as vitamin B12 injections with appropriate overdose.

If no recording malfunction, oral dosages of 5o-100 g / day as adequate recommended. When recording fault, however, the product should contain at least 500-2000 micrograms. Since over-dosage is hardly possible, the trend is that many manufacturers offer their vitamin B12 supplements anyway exclusively with quite a high dosage. Such preparations may be taken by all people without hesitation. About this dosage addition, one should, however, keep his kidneys and the state of the kidneys in the eye, as all surpluses must be discharged through them. One should pay particular attention to the drinking sufficiently large amounts of fresh water.

  • An overdose of vitamin B12 is hardly possible.
  • Only known, very rare side effect is a From Acne
  • In therapy, a higher dosage of vitamin B12 is usually necessary, since only a portion of the dose is actually recycled.
  • Doses of 500-2000 g / day are normal in the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Oral preparations are as effective as injections.

Skinny Girl Diet -What Is?, Healthy Plan?, Results?

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What Is The Skinny Girl Diet?

If you’re looking for a quick, over-the-weekend diet that will get those last five pounds off so you can get into that size 3 dress that you bought for a special occasion that is coming up in a few days, you might take a look at the Skinny Girl Diet. It is only 400 calories, and is very close to fasting. Make sure, if you do try this diet, that you drink lots of water so your body can eliminate any toxins that are inside your body.

This is a quick fix kind of diet that you can use to get a few pounds off fast. It isn’t a full-time, long-term diet because eating less than 1200 calories a day is considered unhealthy. But for a quick “I’ve got to get into that dress in a few days” kind of diet, it could be effective.

The Skinny Girl Diet is basically eating as many fruits and vegetables as you want throughout the day, but stay away from salt and sugar. Work out at least 30 minutes for five days, so your body can maintain the muscle and get rid of fat, especially if that exercise is aerobic. Any extra calories that you eat that day must be dealt with by using cardio to burn it off.

There are some protein meals in the diet, such as meatballs or a ham sandwich, and this is where your calorie counting is. This is good because protein gives your body energy and helps your muscles grow. Without muscle, your body would be nothing but mush. Giving your body some kind of protein helps you stay healthy and makes your body firm, especially when you add exercise to your day.

The Skinny Girl Diet says you can eat all of the fresh fruit and vegetables you want. You count the calories for any meat, bread or drink that has calories in it. So the point is stay under 400 calories a day, not counting any fruits and vegetables you eat.

So if you ask me what the Skinny Girl Diet is, I would say it’s eating less than 400 calories a day, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, some lean protein, such as turkey, chicken or fish, and drinking lots of water, exercising 30 minutes a day, and using lots of willpower.

Healthy Skinny Girl Diet diet is based on eating the day a certain amount of calories, and it looks like this: 

Image Source

Pros and Cons of Skinny Girl Diet

The Skinny Girl Diet developed by television reality show star, chef and author Bethenny Frankel is a popular very low calorie diet.  Aimed primarily at women, it promises to show any woman following it that she has a naturally thin shape that she can reclaim by changing some of her eating and exercise habits.  The theory behind the diet is that the body should take in just enough calories to meet its basal metabolic rate (BMR), or the number of calories needed for everyday activities. Regular exercise will use up extra fat stores so that a woman will lose weight.

Bethenny Frankel says that counting calories is just like keeping track of a bank account.  Once the calories allotted for the day have been consumed, a woman needs to stop eating.  The Skinny Diet Plan is a 30-day eating schedule that provides between 300 and 700 calories each day, with the final day of the plan devoted to fasting.  The plan is scheduled to begin on a Monday and end on a Tuesday. The highest number of daily calories on the plan, between 650 and 700, are allowed on the weekends. The eating plan stresses lean meats, whole grains, and an unlimited number of fruits and vegetables.   A woman on the diet needs to drink plenty of water, too.

When a women craves food that totals more than 700 calories, she’s invited to have it, as long as she’s willing to offset those calories with aerobic exercise.  Frankel also recommends eating just a few bites of a particular food, say, steak or cheesecake, rather than polishing off the entire serving.  The craving is satisfied without “breaking the bank” so to speak on the day’s calorie allotment.  The Skinny Girl Diet also includes low-calories alcoholic beverages that can be made at home or purchased at stores.

Many health professionals recommend against a very low calorie diet of under 800 calories a day.  They don’t work, experts say, because they aren’t able to provide the necessary nutrients the body needs, although the Skinny Girl Diet does provide the benefit of a good selection from the different food groups.  A very low calorie diet can lead minor problems such as nausea, diarrhea and an unusually tired feeling.  Gallstone formation is often the most serious consequence of this type of diets, as gallstones are known to develop during very rapid weight loss.  As is frequently recommended, it’s best to consult a doctor before starting a weight loss program, particularly one that features a very low daily calorie intake.

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29 Hair styling Every Pakistani Girl Should Know

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Here are the best pictures of hairstyle and haircut submitted by Internet users on Pakistani Hub The world of hairdressing is continually evolving and hairdressers that struggle to provide women with hair cuts all over original one than the other. 2014 looks very fashion in the field of hairdressing and we present our top Pakistani unique hair styling for women.

hair styling



pakistani hair style

hair style

hair styles

hair cutting styles

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Improve Internet Speed: WiFi router tips

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Improve Internet Speed ​​through the proper use of your Wi-Fi router. Sounds weird, but there really be achieved by using you. WiFi router properly lots speedups

Roughly speaking, there are two important factors for the internet speed in a Wi-Fi router. The type and the place where he hangs / state.

What types of Wi-Fi routers do you have?

You have different frequencies on a wireless router can work. At 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Some routers can operate on one frequency and other back on another frequency. There are also routers at both the frequencies. One frequency is often busier than the other. The frequency that is least around the house is being used (or is disturbed by other devices) leads to faster internet. The choice for a router with a specific frequency could therefore yield speedups although you have to watch out that the devices that you want on the Internet it can all receive what you choose the frequency. Older boxes supports 5 GHz yet.

If your router can support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz da same time, it is advisable to opt for this.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of different frequencies:

2.4 GHz

  • Large range and goes well through walls
  • Is supported by almost every device
  • Less high maximum speed
  • Often suffer from interference from other devices

5 GHz
  • Higher maximum speed
  • Little affected by interference from other devices
  • Goes bad through walls
  • Is not supported by any device.

If you have the above advantages and disadvantages weigh against each other, you'll come out that it is convenient especially in a small house is to choose 5 GHz. When you live in a bigger house and everywhere a good internet connection with 5 GHz can be smart to choose for 2.4 GHz.

Maximum speed internet by WiFi standard
There are different Wi-Fi standards, each allowing its own maximum internet speed. See what WiFi standard which maximum speed is below. So make sure you take a wireless router with a Wi-Fi standard that your Internet speed supported.

Wifi standard     Speed802.11b     4.5 Mbps
802.11g     23 Mbps
802.11n     100 Mbps
802.11ac     240 Mbps

Choosing the right WiFi channel
The WiFi signal can be transmitted through a number of channels through a WiFi router. Often one channel already busier than others because, for example are many of your neighbors already decided on one channel. In that case, it may be smart to choose that is less crowded. Before another channel This can improve your internet speed and signal strength. You can choose from the following channels:

At 2.4 GHz, you have the choice of channels 1-13.

At 5 GHz, you have the choice of channels 36, 40, 44 and 48.
Place your router

For internet speed is next to the influence of the router features also very important which is the place where your router is / hangs.

If your router and modem in one sitting, it is important not to far from the socket to place. The signal from the cable or phone line is becoming less strong. This can lead to an unstable connection.

Insert the modem favorable compared to the devices that use the Internet. Turn the router as close to the devices that use the Internet. When you are on the ground substance, and on the second floor using the internet is the best place to put the router for example the 1 st floor down.

Place the router between 1-2 meters in a free place, or attach it around this height on a free space on the wall.

If you've kept up above but internet speed is still against increasingly move the router a little bit and test the results for example with the speed test.

If possible, do not place the router near other devices that may emit signals on the same channel as a microwave, DECT phones, baby monitors and other devices that cause staling.

Direct test your internet speed? Put here speedtest

Easy steps to optimize your internet speed

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Reset your router

Comes from the speed test that your internet is slower than usual? Reset your modem first. This is very easy and solves a lot of problems. It may be that your router has a separate reset button. Otherwise, you must often pull the router from the wall and tuck again after 10 seconds. Check the manual of your router how to reset it. Your router

Restart computer

It may also not be the internet connection is slow, but your computer yourself that. A computer is often in the background programs running which he is slower. By restarting the computer, the Internet can also be a lot faster.

Updating Browser

Always make sure that your web browser is up-to-date. Updating your browser can positively affect the Internet speed.

Check your firewall and virus scanner

Sometimes the use of a firewall and virus scanner very much internet speed. Costs You might be able to check the speed test once to have. With and once without firewall and virus scanner

Use good wiring

The cabling that is used can have an effect on the speed of the Internet. You have different types of network cables. Some are suitable for faster Internet connections than others. So make sure you take your network cables that support your internet speed.

Note what wireless router you use

The Internet speed can be affected by a wireless router. Really Although these are almost always slower than a wired router, there are greater differences among themselves. One WiFi router may significantly higher Internet speeds than the other. When you have high-speed Internet, of course sin then it is eroded by a slow router again.

Direct test your internet speed? Put here ptcl speed test

Speed Test Internet Speed ​​Test explained

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To find out how fast your Internet connection is, first a short test to determine the speed. This is done by means of a download. For this you do nothing to install or download from the Internet, the speed test picks up as it were a test file. This has no influence on your hard drive or computer.

Example download

The short test consists of a short example download to see if everything is working properly. Following the outcome of the test download the speedtest choose a larger file to do so. Actual download test Following this result, the speed of your internet can be, stipulates.

Test upload

The same happens to see how fast you can upload. First the speed test assesses your internet speed by means of a test upload. Then a larger file used to calculate. The speed of your internet

Highest average

The web speed is calculated by so-called peak and the average speeds per second to be measured. To 30 times The highest average is calculated by the speed test. In this way, abnormalities (such as the start of the speed test) to filter out., The results are The speedtest ultimately indicates the highest possible upload and download speed of your Internet. This is the speed of your Internet connection. [ Read  Easy steps to optimize your internet speed ]

Direct test your internet speed? Put here speedtest